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Encamp, the parish where it is more expensive to live in tax level

What the parish where, at tax level, is more expensive or cheaper to live? According to the Ordinances approved by them seven common in relation to the budget of this year, Encamp is the territory that-adding the rates of fire and place, lighting and hygiene-presents some rates by these services more elevated. In particular, citizens living in the parish Encampadana must pay 122,19 euros per year. Of these, 22.75 corresponds to the rate of fire and p...

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Power consumption increases by 0.4% in September

The power consumption of Andorra during the month of September this year was 38.7 GWh, a figure which represents an increase of 0.4% over September 2015, according to data provided Monday by FEDA. On the other hand, consumption accumulated during 2016 rises 1.3% compared to the same period of last year. The data show that in terms of the own production, Andorra has generated 2.8 GWh between the hydroelectric power plant of FEDA (2.3 GWh) and la Comella waste ...

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How to buy a second house hands without any risk

The second hand market continues leading the recovery of the real estate sector. The transactions on housing used is increased a 2.9% in rate interannual, until total 27.089 operations, while the sale of housing new receded a 6.5% in rate interannual, until 5.995 transactions, according to the INE in relation to them last data published.

However for the future buyer, purchasing a dwelling used can be all an adventure ...

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Inspection of the hydrocarbon deposits campaign gives good results and the controls will increase

The campaign door to door that the Department of environment and sustainability of the Executive began the month of January has meant that many facilities are adapting to the norm, since has been detected an increase in the demand for hydrocarbons plates, a request to ensure that the installation is in adequate conditions according to the rules of storage and supply of hydrocarbons marks it. Thus, is has last of a thirty of demands monthly before the campaign t...

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