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Encamp, the parish where it is more expensive to live in tax level

What the parish where, at tax level, is more expensive or cheaper to live? According to the Ordinances approved by them seven common in relation to the budget of this year, Encamp is the territory that-adding the rates of fire and place, lighting and hygiene-presents some rates by these services more elevated. In particular, citizens living in the parish Encampadana must pay 122,19 euros per year. Of these, 22.75 corresponds to the rate of fire and place and 99,44 hygiene and lighting. These values, however, are those who had to pay two years ago, since in relation to these services, the common of Encamp, - as well as the majority of common - has decided to freeze rates and maintain prices.Ordino and Canillo are in second and third place in terms of rates. The residents of the parish of Ordino must pay half a 104.5 billion euros. This value refers to the 24 fire and place and 1.15 euros citizen must pay for each square meter of housing (for the average of 104.5 euros has been taken as a starting point an area of 70 square meters). Prices are equivalent to the values that were paid two years ago.In relation to Canillo, its residents have to pay to the year a total of 102 euros (23 in concept of fire and place and 51 of hygiene and lighting). These figures also are the same that the citizens had to pay makes two years.Rates rise / who Yes has decided to raise these rates has been the common of San Julian. At the end of last month announced that the rate of lighting and hygiene would 45.5 euros 58. Thus, lauredianos citizens will have to pay this year a total of 100,1 euros (58 more 42,10 euros that have to pay for fire and place).The parish more economic / the Massana is the parish that presents some rates more low in relation to the services commented. In particular, massanenc citizen must pay per year 51 euros in these rates (26 by fire and place) and 25 for hygiene and lighting. This quantity is exactly the same that the residents of the parish paid two years ago.One of the lowest tax level territories is Escaldes, its residents have an annual rate of 64.35 euros. Of these, 24 are allocated to the fire and place and 40,35 hygiene and lighting of the parish.As for Andorra la Vella, is in average values. The Parish has a rate of 25 euros on fire and place and 47,65 of hygiene and lighting concept. So the residents of the capital must pay 72,65 euros annual to cover these services.Rate of fire and place / fire and place traditional tax is a direct tax levied the fact of residing in the territory of the parish. And the made generator of the tax "is the residence main of the person physical, of age understood between them 18 and them 65 years, in the territory of the parish», according to is details in them Ordinances communal. For the purposes of this tax, as main residence in the parish of the place where it is counted the first day of the calendar year or the day of first registration in the municipal census for the required tax that come from other countries.Rate of hygiene and lighting / although it is two separate rates, charged it some common - like Encamp, La Massana and Ordino altogether. In relation to the rate of hygiene, this includes aspects such as: cleaning pathways and public spaces, the snow removed and selective waste collection and waste. In terms of lighting, the common raise this tribute in relation to services carried the parish in terms of public electricity and maintenance, as detailed in the parish Ordinances.


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